Late summer color

I know I’ve been terrible about posting regularly this summer–this being my first summer of not working since 1986, I guess I’ve just not been on the computer much. :) I do have to say, it’s been one of the best summers of my life.  I am thrilled to say that my new job is three-quarters time, so from now on I will have lots of time off in the summer! That’s something I’ve always wanted, and most especially since I started working on college campuses about 22 years ago. A dream realized! :) I feel so amazingly blessed!

I’ve been enjoying my last few days of vacation this week and spending lots of time just enjoying the view in the yard, which has exploded with color. The tall, old-fashioned tiger lilies are blooming up a storm, and I just love their unabashed bright orange color.

One thing I find so fascinating about perennials, is that as what’s blooming changes through the seasons, all the colors always look good together.  In spring, the bird bath garden is all blue and light purple and pink, and at the end of the season it’s all bright yellow, orange, and fuchsia. I feel like a gardener really has nature on her side–it’s hard, in my opinion, to have a bad combination of colors.

I’m planning on enjoying the last weekend of my vacation, and have actually been doing a fair amount of canning already–I will do a post next week on what kinds of things I’ve put up (a few new things for me!).

Have a wonderful weekend, and enjoy this gorgeous weather! :)

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