The color continues

I just have to share another picture of the tiger lilies that are currently blooming their heads off in my gardens (literally–hahaha!).

Every year I am just blown away by the bright colors of August–and these lilies are certainly keeping up their end.  I think I may dig up a couple of the areas I have them in so I can separate them and put them in even more places.  For some reason I have none of these in the front yard at all, and I think it’s high time I correct that error.

Another reason I just love these lilies is that I got the bulbs from my Aunt Jane; I think it’s so cool that she passed them on to me, and that just makes them all that much more special to me.  I have no idea what cultivar they are–I’m guessing they’re just the regular, old-fashioned kind.  But often those are the types of flowers that come back dependably, year after year, and take no kind of special treatment. Which is another reason they are so perfect. :)

The amazing, beautiful, stunning weather continues. . . I’m so grateful that there’s a huge window in my new office, so even when I’m at work I can enjoy the sunshine. :)

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