You’ll never guess what I saw slithering through the garden the other night.

YUCK!! I hate snakes. . . I know, I know, they won’t hurt me.  In our area it’s mostly garter snakes.  But I have a phobia, and they just give me the serious willies.  You know that saying, it’s more scared of you than you are of it?  Well, in my case, that’s not true at all. :)

And this sighting was right on the heels of discovering a wasp nest in one of our window wells.  I’m telling you, it’s like wild kingdom in our yard right now.

As I’ve said before, if we have to have snakes, the very least they could do is scare the rabbits away. But our snakes apparently have a deal worked out with our rabbits so they seem to coexist happily. I hate them both. :) (Please don’t send me hate mail–I know some people love rabbits. And snakes. Which is awesome. But I just don’t, so please don’t berate  me for it.)

So, because I would never, ever taint my blog with a photo of a snake, I shared with you, instead, a photo of the flowers I picked for my desk the other day.

I think I’ll be spending the weekend canning–I chopped and froze a bunch of peppers the other night but I’ve still got piles and piles of cukes and zukes waiting for me to do something with them. If you have a favorite way of canning (or freezing, or whatever) veggies, leave a comment–maybe I’ll try something new! :)


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