Pickles, pickles, pickles

And chutney. :) That could be the title of my weekend.  I had a very productive couple of days.  This is the breakdown of what I made and canned (mostly on Saturday):

Peach chutney, 12 half-pints
Sweet pickle chunks, 9 pints
Refrigerator cukes, 2 pints (this is a recipe that doesn’t get processed)
Bread and Butter pickles, 6 pints
Pickled carrots, 3 pints (I actually had 4, and one broke in the canner–don’t you just hate that??)
Corn, one 4-cup package into the freezer
Kosher dills, 3 quarts and 5 pints

I was absolutely exhausted when I went to bed on Saturday night.  And I still have about 10 pounds of cucumbers left–I had other things going on yesterday and I didn’t want to take the time to make another couple batches of pickles.

We certainly shouldn’t run out of pickle-y things to eat this winter. :)

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