Wild grapes

We’ve got some wild grapevine at the lake–Trevor noticed this past Friday that the little bunches of grapes on the vines were ripe.  We’ve never dealt with them before, but we thought it might be fun to make grape jelly from them.  They are tiny, super-sour, and are basically filled with two large pits. I’m sure many of you are familiar with them–we’d never seen them before.

So, we picked grapes.  And when we got home last night I looked in my canning books, and didn’t find one recipe for wild grape jelly.  Anybody out there have any ideas?  I will google it, and see what I come up with.  I’m sure I’ll find something.  I did have a few recipes for just regular “Concord Grape” jelly, but I’m sure they’re nowhere near as sour. So I thought I’d better look for the real thing, maybe. :)

It was, as always, a bittersweet last summer weekend at the lake.  The weather was not great, which maybe made it easier to leave–no last hours in the sun and water, as it was windy and pretty cool and drizzly. But we will miss the lake over the winter.

I’m already looking forward to our annual long fall weekend at the lake in October. :)

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