Funny mushrooms

I maybe shouldn’t have titled the post that–I may have some very strange comments. (You just never know who’s going to find your blog from strange search words.) :)

But I bought the most beautiful mushrooms at the Battle Lake farmers market on Saturday–I was showing them around to everyone that came to the lake. No one was as impressed as I was, although I did have some interesting comments.  I didn’t think to ask the guy what kind of mushrooms they were (I didn’t really care), but I have gotten wine caps from him before, so that’s sort of what I was thinking. But then they all have that really particular shape. . . some might say they look like a tractor seat.  Others (most of my relatives) think they look like the part of human anatomy that actually sits on the tractor seat. :)

The wine caps I’ve had before were just round. Shout out a comment if you know what these beauties are.

Anyway, my plan is to chop them, fry them in butter, and eat them on a nice, grilled steak. Maybe tonight. :)

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