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It’s that time of year

Yes, you guessed it–it’s time for roasting tomatoes. We’ve got tomatoes that won’t quit right now–but lots of other veggies as well. So, I decided I’d better get off my butt and make something besides BLTs for supper. (I mean, … Continue reading

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More vegetables than sense

I was going to call this picture “More Vegetables Than Time”. . . but I decided it was really sense I was lacking more than time and motivation. I just cannot turn down fresh produce when it’s offered–do you know … Continue reading

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Pickles, pickles, pickles

And chutney. That could be the title of my weekend.  I had a very productive couple of days.  This is the breakdown of what I made and canned (mostly on Saturday): Peach chutney, 12 half-pints Sweet pickle chunks, 9 pints … Continue reading

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You’ll never guess what I saw slithering through the garden the other night. YUCK!! I hate snakes. . . I know, I know, they won’t hurt me.  In our area it’s mostly garter snakes.  But I have a phobia, and … Continue reading

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And more. . .

Of course you know what I mean by that.  More cukes. More zukes. Some beets and carrots. And yesterday another CSA box. And then Trevor picked up a box of peaches from the local church youth organization. Our fridge is literally full … Continue reading

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And the produce just keeps coming

I’m not complaining, believe me. But I am starting to wonder if I’m crazy. I just can’t turn down produce. We got our CSA on Tuesday; it was corn, beans, zucchini, cucumber, broccoli, potatoes, and onions. Then a friend from … Continue reading

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The canning season begins. . .

I spent the last few days of my summer vacation canning. I had all this zucchini, and all these cucumbers, and it just kills me to see any of that wonderful local produce go to waste. So, I canned. I … Continue reading

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The color continues

I just have to share another picture of the tiger lilies that are currently blooming their heads off in my gardens (literally–hahaha!). Every year I am just blown away by the bright colors of August–and these lilies are certainly keeping … Continue reading

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Late summer color

I know I’ve been terrible about posting regularly this summer–this being my first summer of not working since 1986, I guess I’ve just not been on the computer much. I do have to say, it’s been one of the best … Continue reading

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On the road

Road trip! I’m taking my mom to visit her sister in Omaha. I gassed up (the car–stop it!), got the car washed, programmed the GPS, bought snacks and bottled water, made sure I had all my medications, and we took … Continue reading

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