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Wild grapes

We’ve got some wild grapevine at the lake–Trevor noticed this past Friday that the little bunches of grapes on the vines were ripe.  We’ve never dealt with them before, but we thought it might be fun to make grape jelly … Continue reading

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More vegetables than sense

I was going to call this picture “More Vegetables Than Time”. . . but I decided it was really sense I was lacking more than time and motivation. I just cannot turn down fresh produce when it’s offered–do you know … Continue reading

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And more. . .

Of course you know what I mean by that.  More cukes. More zukes. Some beets and carrots. And yesterday another CSA box. And then Trevor picked up a box of peaches from the local church youth organization. Our fridge is literally full … Continue reading

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And the produce just keeps coming

I’m not complaining, believe me. But I am starting to wonder if I’m crazy. I just can’t turn down produce. We got our CSA on Tuesday; it was corn, beans, zucchini, cucumber, broccoli, potatoes, and onions. Then a friend from … Continue reading

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The canning season begins. . .

I spent the last few days of my summer vacation canning. I had all this zucchini, and all these cucumbers, and it just kills me to see any of that wonderful local produce go to waste. So, I canned. I … Continue reading

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Slaw update

I did a post a while back about making Freezer Slaw, and thought I’d just do a little update about how it turned out. I had a couple of heads of cabbage from my garden and didn’t have a lot … Continue reading

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In a pickle

I have a problem. (Oh boy, left myself wide open there, didn’t I?) Although I make pickles every summer, and I have a couple of pickle recipes that I think are particularly good, my very favorite pickles are actually store-bought. … Continue reading

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Big plans

I always make big lists for the weekend.  Do you do that? I’m such a list-maker–just love to check things off my list.  And yet, I also find that sometimes a long list just makes me feel overwhelmed with chores.  Do … Continue reading

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Done for now

Well, I’ve been busy making jams and pickles and salsas and conserves and chutneys. . . my kitchen has been a mess for weeks and the canner’s been sitting on the stove along with my big jelly pot. I’ve got … Continue reading

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Tomatoes and more tomatoes

Our tomatoes really have started producing with a vengeance–they are extremely late this year, which is no surprise, but they certainly are making up for it in sheer volume. We’ve got a yellow tomato plant (Lemon Boy) that is particularly … Continue reading

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