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Veggie spaghetti

If you read my blog on Wednesday, you saw my beautiful mushrooms. (If not, just scroll down.) 😉 My plan was to chop them, fry them in butter, and eat them on steak.  But the days this week have just … Continue reading

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It’s that time of year

Yes, you guessed it–it’s time for roasting tomatoes. We’ve got tomatoes that won’t quit right now–but lots of other veggies as well. So, I decided I’d better get off my butt and make something besides BLTs for supper. (I mean, … Continue reading

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A coffeemaker departure

I actually meant, a departure from my typical topics, to talk about my coffeemaker.  But, as I typed the title of this blog, I realized it serves as a double meaning–I’m also talking about the departure of my coffeemaker. Bear … Continue reading

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Addicted to herbs

Hmmm. . . maybe that wasn’t the best title.  If you stumbled on this post by accident, let me just tell you now, it’s about HERBS FOR COOKING. So if you’re thinking of something else, you’d better just move along. … Continue reading

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The tomato paste solution

It’s a scenario that most of us cooks have been through time and again. The recipe calls for two tablespoons of tomato paste. So, you open a 6-oz can of it, because that’s the only size it comes in, right? … Continue reading

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Storing hot peppers

I was making something the other night–I think it was Shrimp with Garlic and Chili (it was fantastic–I’m planning on a blog entry about it sometime soon)–and the recipe called for a couple of hot peppers. Probably jalapeno; that’s what … Continue reading

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Making cheese

I was looking through one of my Indian cookbooks last week and noticed that there were a few recipes using “Paneer,” which is a type of cheese used commonly in India–it’s a fresh cheese, and the book said it’s easy … Continue reading

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The easiest stock ever

I know that you probably all know by now that I love to make my own stock. Chicken stock, beef stock, turkey stock. . . whatever I’ve got for meat trimmings and leftovers, I will stick in a pot of … Continue reading

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A delicious surprise

I mentioned in Monday’s blog entry that I had been down to the twin cities for the weekend because I had a Minnesota Master Gardener State Advisory Board meeting (whew–that’s a mouthful!) at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. We had a … Continue reading

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Poblano chicken

I’ve got another recipe to share with you today–I’ve made this one a couple of times, and it’s delicious. Also in its favor are a very short ingredients list and a quick prep time–two things that are always appealing to … Continue reading

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