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And more winter interest

You may remember the lovely little arrangement I put outside in my tall galvanized container last fall. If you have better things to do with your life than memorize my winter decorations, I’ll refresh your memory.   Here’s a photo … Continue reading

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Varmint central

That’s what I’m going to call our yard from now on. I’m sure you’re aware of my rabbit problems. . . if not, let me just say that it’s an ongoing battle. And at this point, I think the rabbits … Continue reading

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Why I hate rabbits. . .

. . . reason number 156. At least. I know, I know.  They’re adorable, and furry, and soft.  And they have to eat, right? Well, I have had enough–it’s war.  We disposed of at least 10 last summer; I always … Continue reading

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More local flavors

This weekend I did some more cooking from my fabulous Local Flavors cookbook.  It is exciting for me to still have carrots and potatoes from my garden in storage in the basement and various other vegetables in the freezer—this time … Continue reading

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Gardening nerd

I just received the schedule for an Advanced Master Gardener Education day that the NDSU Extension Service is offering in January.  It runs from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. . . . seven hours of gardening education (there is a … Continue reading

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Sweet potatoes

After a fairly successful summer of growing four different kinds of potatoes, we decided that next year we might try sweet potatoes instead. (Trevor wondered if the number of potatoes we harvested was worth the amount of space they took.) … Continue reading

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Rabbit poop stats

Ok, sorry about that title—not real classy, I guess.  (Then again, I’m not sure anyone has ever accused me of being classy.) First, here’s some background information:  if you write a blog on Area Voices (and probably on other blog spots … Continue reading

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